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Become a Vendor at the Idaho Falls Farmers' Market

The Idaho Falls Farmers’ Market is a non-profit corporation.  We are growers, food producers, and artisans bringing local grown produce  and handcrafted art to the community of Idaho Falls.   Our agriculture vendors must fit in the category of agriculture/ horticulture, prepared foods (processed to be consumed later) and market related businesses.


Our artisan vendors must make their own original crafts. All art will go through a jury process.

We are an Idaho preferred market meaning that Idaho grown or made products will have the first option to be sold in our market. 

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Our market is open 26 Saturdays of the year from May thru October and we encourage vendors to be consistent and regularly attending members. 


We have three categories of vendors: agricultural, artisan, and food vendor.  

Agricultural vendors are farmers, nurserymen, and ranchers living in Idaho.  Our purpose is to provide a venue where agricultural producers can sell directly to the public.  This strengthens local farming economy as well as serving the community with local fresh agriculture products.

  • Sub categories include prepared food and market related vendors.

  • Prepared foods vendors process locally grown produce into a processed food.  i.e. cheese vendors, jam vendors.

  • Market related vendors provide a product that is compatible with the Idaho Falls Farmers Market goals and priorities and the agriculture community.  i.e.  goat soap, worm casting fertilizers


Artisan vendors are local artisans who create unique hand-made items.  All art that is sold must be the original work of the vendor. Resale and distributorships are prohibited. Artisan vendors will have their work juried by committee to determine compatibility to market goals and guidelines and diversity to market product selection.


Food Vendors are granted admittance to the market depending on conditions and space availability.   We encourage unique and diverse foods.

*Food vendors(concessionaires) and prepared food vendors will need to submit proof that you are licensed or exempt by the public health department. Acceptable documents include:

  • Temporary food license or approval letter

  • Signed cottage/food license exemption form

  • Regular food license


The temporary food license application & cottage/food license exemption form can be found on Eastern Idaho Public Health’s website at: If you have any questions, call Eastern Idaho Public Health in Idaho Falls at 208-523-5382. It is the vendors responsibility to be aware and in compliance with all Health Dept. requirements.


The annual membership and plus 1 stall fees for the 2023 season is $85.  The weekly commission is 6% of sales with a $10 minimum. 

All applicants will be considered based on the above listed requirements, product diversity and uniqueness, and space availability. For the 2023 Season we are currently FULL.  You are more than welcome to apply but we will not not be accepting more Vendors unless current spots open up.  Thank you!

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